Dr Lewis MacKenzie specialises in optics, imaging, and spectroscopy applied to biological applications.

He currently works at Durham University as a post-doctoral research associate in the Department of Chemistry (in the group of Dr Robert Pal), where he develops advanced microscopy techniques to measure circularly-polarized light emitted from compounds used as biosensors and imaging probes.

Previously Lewis worked as a Research Fellow in the BioNanotechnology (Millner) Group  at the University of Leeds (UK), where he researched upconversion nanoparticle-based biosensors for making faster, next-generation blood tests.

Lewis originally studied Physics and Astronomy before undertaking his PhD in optical biomedical imaging at within the Imaging Concepts Group at the University of Glasgow (UK), where he developed technologies and applications for non-invasive imaging of blood oxygen levels. 

Outside the lab, Lewis is a keen science communicator, and has won multiple science communication awards. He has recently published world-leading peer-reviewed solo research into how podcasts are being used to communicate science globally. This work has been featured in both Science and Nature.

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