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  • MacKenzie, L.E.  Barimah,   Jose G., and Saha S. Poster 1: rapid all-optical blood serum assay for heart disease biomarkers. The British Society for Cardiovascular Research, Autumn Meeting 2016. Not currently available online.
  • MacKenzie, L.E.  Barimah,  Saha S., and Jose G. Poster:37 A rapid optical blood test for diagnosis of stroke and heart disease. Photon 16 abstract book. Available online. 
  • MacKenzie, L.E., Choudhary, T.R.,  Fernandez-Ramos, J., McNaught, A.I. and Harvey, A.R., 2015. Non-contact in vivo oximetry of the human bulbar conjunctival and episcleral microvasculature using snapshot multispectral imaging In 'The British Microcirculation Society. Abstracts of the 65th annual meeting in the University of Manchester'. Microcirculation. 22. p753-781.   DOI: 10.1111/micc.12212


  • MacKenzie, L.E. (2017). Graphic User Interfaces for the calculation of nanoparticle molecular weight. (CC BY 4.0)

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